Sharing the knowledge…

Even the most talented creative pros need help once in a while. That is why I have decided to post answers to some of the most common questions that I have been asked over the years. Send me some of your own if you like.

Q: Why do I see a white background behind my image when I copy and paste it from Photoshop (where it has a transparent background) into Illustrator and InDesign?

A: Copy and pasting does not support the transparency that you see in Photoshop. In order to support the transparency, save the file in the native PSD format, and then choose File > Place from Illustrator or InDesign.

Q: Why, when I work in Adobe Illustrator can I not get a stroke to stay at the exact stroke width that I enter.

A: If you are typing in a stroke with, and it continually is rounding off to a different value, you probably have Align to Pixel Grid turned on. You can turn this off by selecting Window > Transform, showing the options and unchecking Align to Pixel Grid.

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