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UX Designer & UX Consultant in Boston: Jennifer Smith

I’m Jennifer Smith, a UX designer and UX Consultant in Boston. I work on user experience projects as a UX consultant, teach UX workshops, and I’ve written more than one dozen books on digital design technology. I have a Master of Science degree in Human Factors. My post-graduate studies focused primarily on human-computer interaction and information design.

I’ve performed extensive work for companies of all sizes, including work for Fortune 500 corporations such as Adobe Systems and Microsoft. In some years it is common for me to travel more than 100,000 miles from Boston visiting clients in Europe, Asia, Africa, and all around the United States teaching user experience design workshops. I deliver UX training and UX consulting for Fortune 500 companies, universities, start-ups, and many independent software vendors. I also work on UX design projects for many of these same clients. Before becoming involved in user experience, I’ve held roles as an art director and creative director, working for a large agency and running my own firm.

UX Consulting in Boston and Beyond

As a UX consultant and UX designer, I work on user experience projects for companies in the Boston area and around the world. I have extensive experience creating user experiences for interactive applications, mobile apps, and websites. With my UX consulting work, I’ve traveled to India, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Germany, and all around the United States working across a variety of industries. Through my career, I’ve gained significant experience developing interaction models that meet the needs and expectations of diverse audiences. I’m a fan of Dieter Rams design philosophy, and am continuously surprised that big enterprises will publish terrible websites¬†that don’t appear to adhere to any design principles.

Jennifer Smith UX Design Tools Used

In my UX work I use a range of wireframing and prototyping tools depending upon the client, project, and their workflow. I work extensively with Figma, Sketch, XD, Balsamiq Mockups, and Blend for Visual Studio. I also deliver training on these tools and create training tutorials teaching others to efficiently design user experiences that serve the needs of the end-user.

As an author I’ve written extensively about digital imaging and design, including the recently published Photoshop CC Digital Classroom, Illustrator CC Digital Classroom and the Adobe Creative Cloud for Dummies. I also¬† have written books on wireframing processes and tools.

Although I’m likely one of many Jennifer Smith’s in Boston, and in the UX field, I’m the only one with training guides and video tutorials published on and who teaches UX courses. I’ve held the role of artist in residence at Microsoft, helping third-party app developers produce better apps, and have been named a Microsoft MVP on three occasions for my contributions of improving UX in application designs. I hold the UXQB certification CPUX-F and I’m also the co-founder of the American Graphics Institute.

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith