Rapid Prototyping for UX Design

Rapid prototyping is an important UX principle that I share in the UX courses I teach. It’s such an important topic, that I’m now teaching a dedicated rapid prototyping course. Too many people get far too invested in designing their final apps or websites before they have created a rough, sketched version of the user experience. When this happens, stakeholders tend to get committed to their ideas and designs before they have been tested.

Instead of investing time and resources in designs early in the UX process, rapid prototyping allows you to quickly and easily sketch your concepts and test scenarios. If things don’t work, you aren’t too invested and can easily start the process over, or adjust the portion of the UX that doesn’t work.

The Rapid Prototyping UX course is a one day course, and is being offered in Boston, Philadelphia, and online. It uses both analog and digital methods for creating prototypes, and is designed to help make your prototyping process faster and easier.