India, perfect place to talk about User Experience

I am in India for the first time, and it is to discuss user experience with designers and  developers.  I discovered that the population here is dealing with bad user experiences everywhere they go.

My first adventure was a mad rush through the streets of Bangalore in the middle of the night. Half the cars on the road, including the car I was in, had their headlights off (to conserve the battery) and had to lay on the horn every time they went through an intersection…that is because there were no traffic lights. Trucks crawled down the streets, dropping parts as they went, and feral dogs were running across the highways. Talk about distractions, my 24-hour flight here was smooth sailing compared to this 30 minute drive.

This initiation ride into Bangalore has given me lots of good examples about distractions, lack of focus, and random junk that should stay out of apps…and I think the folks here will “get it” as they are living it. Hope I can get to the venue safely…will fill you in on how the first of several sessions goes.