Design courses for non-designers… and designers!

Hands-on design class
Hands-on projects help attendees to understand design concepts.

I recently created a one-day design fundamentals class at the request of one of our clients. It was based off a presentation that I gave at the Graphics of the Americas seminars in Florida, and in both cases it was both successful and fun. American Graphics Institute has added it to their regularly scheduled courses, so now you can take this as part of the graphic design courses offered at AGI. This class is for folks who are involved in any type of design role: marketing, UX design, print design, web design, and many other roles.

Even if you are an art school graduate, this design class offers a great refresher on history and how “modern” design of today is a product of over 100 years of influence from events and influential thinkers. It’s not all lecture – you’ll get practical tips on how design techniques and history can guide your work to help you create successful and appealing designs in your work.

In this class you’ll spend time building designs, not with software tools, but with your hands. You will have the opportunity to practice with space, proportions, typography, and color. The result is that you will discover how the organization of your layout affects information hierarchy.

Come join us for a fun and inspirational day of learning design!